21 Day B Fearless Reset

This is the LAST Detox Reset You Will Ever Need!


I’ve been offering my clients a 21 day reset detox for the past 10 years because it gets amazing results for myself and my clients.

Here’s what you you’ll receive three basic components to my perfect prescription:

  • Part 1: My mornings sit, some call it meditation, but I just believe that if you get grounded in the mornings and have some clarity, it’ll help you with your behaviors and your habits throughout the day – missing word (access) to all my workouts.
  • Part 2: Access to all my online training, which is a whole library of workouts.
  • Part 3: Nutrition – The Reset. A macro/micro diet along with food choices, and suggestions to help you with the reset detox.

The 21 Day B Fearless Reset is ONLY $99


(Less than $2.50/day! Skip a fancy coffee dring and INVEST in YOURSELF!)

*You will need to purchase the Garden of Life Detox Kit (approx $22 to $30 depending on where you purchase).



I was in a calorie surplus, focusing on my lower body and gaining as much muscle as I can (I guess booty is the new black) But during that surplus I ended up gaining too much weight in all the wrong places and was having major GI problems. I reached out to Kanani for some guidance and she was happy to help! She recommended the Wild Rose Herbal Detox, sent me a box of the cleanse, workout schedule and eating plan. It was super easy to follow! I was on the cleanse for 12 days and only managed to cheat one time! I lost 7 lbs and the excessive bloating and GI issues have subsided! I still have a lot of work to do to reach my fitness goals but this was a great reset! Thanks Kanani for investing your time and energy into me, I’m so grateful for your generosity and support!


I have grown and gave birth to a couple of beautiful human beings in this body. I labored – once for 3 days straight and was told each time they had to be cut out of my stomach. I was devastated. The scars of my c-sections represented failure to me. I felt my body had failed me. Later on after my 1st one I realized my muscles had been separated in order to take my daughter out and my stomach would never be the same again. After my second I had better luck amazingly. I post this because I know that I loved wearing bikinis and at the beach or pool never thought about covering up or not sitting up because of my stomach. I’ve since grown to respect my scars, my amazing body that gave birth and my spirit for accepting the challenge to get my body back via spiritual health, exercise and healthy eating. No more shame in my game! It’s not what it was at 25 but I am more proud if this belly and body than I ever was at 25! It’s accomplished quite a bit #almost40 #holdingonto39 #healthymindbodyspirit” ~  Lana

The 21 Day B Fearless Reset is ONLY $99

(Less than $5/day! Skip a fancy coffee drink and INVEST in YOURSELF!)

*You will need to purchase the Garden of Life Detox Kit (approx $22 to $30 depending on where you purchase).